Are Birds Warm Blooded or Cold Blooded?


Birds are warm-blooded creatures and the same goes for all mammals except for a few exceptions. Birds like most other mammals, try to keep their bodies at a constant temperature. They achieve this by generating their own heat when it gets cold and cooling themselves when it gets hot.
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All birds are warm blooded.
Warm blooded is a term that refers to an organism whose body temperature remains at a fairly constant rate regardless of the temperature of its environment. Most mammals are considered
"Endothermic" refers to animals commonly called "warm-blooded. The unique attribute in these animals is not that their blood is hot, but that they maintain and regulate
The term "coldblooded" is misleading, in that many reptiles keep their body temperatures well above that of "warmblooded" animals. They just do it - mostly - using
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Birds are warm blooded. This means that birds have the capacity to regulate their body temperature to the normal level. When there are temperature changes, the ...
Birds are not cold-blooded, they are warm blooded mammals. This means that they try to keep their bodies at a certain temperature by generating their own heat ...
Dinosaurs evolved from cold-blooded animals which are the reptiles into warm-blooded animals which are the birds. All dinosaurs, though, were not the similar, ...
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