Are Blue Chip stamps worth anything?


Blue Chip Stamps were a program issued by grocery stores, gasoline stations, and pharmacy chains. The amount of stamps customers received was directly related to the size of their purchase. The stamps would be posted onto a small booklet for keeping. These booklets could then be redeemed for merchandise. This loyalty program saw a decline during the 1980 recession and the development of the digital era. Today, these stamps are not worth anything at stores but may be of value to collectors.
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This is a common US commemorative stamp. If you want to buy just one it will probably cost you from 10 to 25 cents at a stamp store for a used one. Unused, around twice face value
The Washington 5 cent blue stamp is worth about $2.50 used and $80.00
If a white chip is one dollar, then the red is five and the blue is worth ten dollars at a casino.
Hi Charlie, Thanks for your question. Revenue stamps were used to show that a fee had been collected for goods or services. They could range from documents, stock transfers, newspapers
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Blue Chip Stamp redemption catalogs, that date beyond 1945, are sold at paper ephemera shows for between $15 and $25. On auction websites, the majority of them ...
There are many stamps that are worth quite a bit. The determining factors that decide if stamps are worth anything include the rarity, condition, and age of the ...
The worth of a 1966 George Washington 5 cent blue stamp in 60 years will largely depend on how much the buyer, if there is one, is willing to pay at that time. ...
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