Are Bonnie and Helen Hunt related?


Bonnie and Helen Hunt are not related; they simply share a last name. The women were born a little over a year apart but had very different childhoods.

Bonnie Hunt

Bonnie Hunt was born in 1961 in Chicago. Her parents, Alice and Robert, raised a total of seven children who were all educated at Catholic schools. Before beginning her acting career, Bonnie worked as an oncology nurse. She married John Murphy in 1988, but the two split in 2006.

Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt was born in 1963 in Culver City, California, to Jane and Gordon. Unlike Bonnie's family, Helen's family played a big role the entertainment industry, which helped inspire her in her career choices. When she was young, the Hunt family moved to New York where her father directed theater. Helen studied ballet and attended UCLA. She was married to Hank Azaria in 1999, but they divorced less than two years later.

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Helen Hunt was born in Culver City, California, the daughter of Jane Elizabeth (née Novis) a photographer, and Gordon Hunt, a film director and acting coach. Her uncle, Peter
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