Are Boston terriers born with tails?


Boston terriers are usually born with short tails. The American Kennel Club states that they are either straight or kinked. The tail is set low on the hind quarters and is generally quite thin and tapered.

The American Kennel Club breed standard states that a dog with a docked tail does not meet the breed standard and would be disqualified from competition. To meet the breed standard, Boston terriers need to be small, short-coated, strong dogs that are muscular in appearance. They can be brindle, black or seal in color, but they must also have the white markings that make the breed so distinctive.

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Boston Terriers carry the "bob-tail," gene, which means that their spine tapers
BT's do *NOT* get their tails docked hun! If you owned a breed that should be docked it would be MUCH too late. Tail docking is done between 3-5 days of age.
The corkscrew tail found on boston terriers is a mutation of the spine, which is considered desirable in breeding dogs. Keep the area clean and dry as best you can, and take the dog
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Boston terriers can get their tails docked. However if they are to be considered for breeding, they are disqualified if their tails have been docked. ...
Some Boston Terriers have a short or long tail depending on their genetic pool. If the mother and/or father had long tails, then it ranges to be about 25% to 50% ...
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