Are Burnt Plastic Fumes Dangerous?


There are some plastic fumes that can be toxic. It is possible for some of the fumes to damage the resipiratory system.
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you should be wearing a mask that filters particulates. those hardware store masks are good for this.
Breathing in burnt plastic, is toxic but on the other side it is very dangerous to health. When such smokes are inhaled they first affect our lungs and this will lead to severe cough
Very dangerous. They're made from cheap, toxic plastic from China. Burning plastic releases dioxin and its fumes.that's bad news. The fact that it is nauseating you and giving you
Today I accidentally turned on the stove when cleaning, then put a large licorice tub on top of it. Then left for about 3-5 minutes. When I got back, the kitchen was filled with VERY
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Yes, the fumes from burnt or burning plastic are dangerous. When plastic is burned, it releases fumes that are poisonous. Breathing the fumes could result in illness or death.
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