Is a Cancerous Lump Hard or Soft?


One of the signs that suggest a lump is more likely to be cancerous is, the lump is firm and hard
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A cancer lump can not be diagnosed just by feel. Lumps often require
It can be hard OR soft....the biggest key is to feel if it moves because if it doesn't, then that means that it has grown roots (or legs) and can possibly be cancerous...but if it
I currently have a hard small lump under my jawline and i have been to numerous doctors and they have concluded that it is a deposit due to clenching your jaw at night. You will need
as hard as a pimple. Source(s) I'm an author.
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According to my doctor different types of cancers can produce different types of lumps. Any type of lump, whether soft or hard, should be biopsied to see what ...
Most cancerous lumps are hard with the exception of a few such as the cancerous breast lump which has a smooth and squishy feel. These cancerous lumps do not move ...
Finding a hard lump near your groin area can be a concerning thing to go through. This lump can be one of a few things such a cyst, pimple, ingrown hair, or cancer ...
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