Is a Chicken a Mammal?


Chickens are birds and they are in different group of vertebrates from mammals. Most mammals give birth to live offspring and nurture them with their mammary glands whereas birds lay eggs. The only exclusions to this are the echidna and platypus, which are egg-laying mammals.
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A bird. Reader:That makes no scence. bird isn't a classification, mammal is a classification, reptile is a classification and amphibian is a classification. Sooooo what's a chicken.
Chickens are poultry, they are birds. Mammals have mammary glands to feed
A chicken is not a mammal it is a bird. Both are warm-blooded vertebrates but mammals give birth to live young and birds lay eggs. Ask us 24/7!
Chickens are not considered mammals. They are birds. Animals have to have mammary glands to be classed as mammals, and chickens certainly do not have these. Gunyolk, just because
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Chickens are birds.
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the chicken's classification is bird. Other animal classifications are; insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Classifying animals in this way makes ...
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