Are Children Reading Enough?


Before the evolution of television and computers, reading was the primary leisure activity. Research shows that children and teenagers who have a passion for reading have relatively higher IQs than those who do not. Unfortunately, more and more children have fallen prey to the television leading to underachievement in academic circles.
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Teaching a child to read can take time but it is well worth it. The first thing to teach them is the blends and sight words that must me learned and not sounded out.
1. Incorporate reading to your newborn baby as part of your bedtime routine. Include books that are colorful with single item pictures. Read in a calming and soothing voice, and reading
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Having to use reading as part of the therapy process, I had to learn about illiteracy when I was a probation officer. There were an amazing number who came in who didn't know how
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Do children read enough? is a debate that has been going on for a while in the UK. Most people fear that children are not reading as many books as they are expected ...
Reading aloud to children is a great ideas and can be fun too. Pick a book that both the kids and you like. Make sure you are loud enough, and that you are interesting ...
1. Read to your children often or, if your children are old enough, have them read to themselves. 2. Ask open-ended questions about the book. For example, " ...
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