Are Coffee Grounds Good for the Garden?


Coffee grounds are good for the garden because they create soil that is rich of nitrogen. These grounds are particularly good for tomato plants, which thrive very well when they are supplied with some nitrogen.
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1. Add coffee grounds to your compost. The acidity of the coffee improves the soil and aids in breakdown. Additionally, the texture of the ground coffee is a great addition to any
gastropods do not like having to travel over coffee grounds, so plants can be protected.
1 Add to the compost . Coffee grounds are able to speed up the decomposing process in compost. Add two teaspoons of lime for every 5 kilograms of coffee grounds. Don't use more than
There are a number of ways to use up those old coffee grounds, right outside your door. Difficulty: Easy. Time Required: n/a. Here's How: Great for compost. Coffee grounds add great
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Don't throw out those coffee grounds! Here are some interesting and useful ideas for them. Use coffee grounds to repel ants, keep cats out of your garden, deodorize ...
Yes, coffee grounds are good for roses. Coffee grounds lower the soil pH and thus are good for rose, which is an acid-loving plant. ...
Coffee grounds are very good for plants. As a matter of fact I save all coffee grounds and sprinkle around the plants. When they are watered all the nutrients ...
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