Are Coins Magnetic?


Some coins are magnetic while others are non-magnetic and they are usually found in different countries. The magnetic coins are found in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada and the European Union. Magnetic coins are types of coins that can be picked up by magnets.
Q&A Related to "Are Coins Magnetic?"
Coins made of mostly nickel, or containing steel, will be attracted to a magnet. Canadian nickels, dimes, and quarters made in the late 20th century were made of mostly nickel, which
1. Collect the coins you wish to use to make your refrigerator magnets. You can choose from domestic currency or foreign coins that can be found on the Internet through eBay or similar
Anadian coins are magnetic because they have a high steel content a...
Coins are made up of mixture of different metal compositions, they are called as "alloys". which decides the magnetic properties of it. Sorry I really cant answer the question
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