Are cruzeiros worth anything?


The Brazilian Cruzeiros are worth 4781.99 of 1 dollar based on 2012's quotation. This currency is no longer used in Brazil. The actual currency there is the Brazilian Real or BRL which is worth 0.49 USD as of Jan/2013.
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A 20 Cruzeiros note issued in 1962, in uncirculated condition would be worth $2.25. A Very Good example would be worth $0.50.
5 brazilian cruzeiros is worth just over 3 US
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The cruzeiro was the Brazilian currency during the years 1942-1986. The value of this currency has increased and is worth the same amount as one Brazil Real. ...
One U.S. dollar is roughly 5633 cruzeiros, as of December 2012. The cruzeiros has not been used since 1994, however, and is obsolete. It was replaced with the ...
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