Are Dimples Genetic?


Dimples are genetic as you will get them if either of your parents has them. They are indentations in the cheeks that are considered attractive in many cultures. Dimples can also form on other body parts, such as the buttocks.
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The most common cause of dimples, which could be considered a genetic flaw, is a
you have skin connected to bones in certain spots, and if there is too much fat between skin and bone, the connection spots become dimples. your genes determine where these spots
It's a dominant trait, in east Asia (Japan, Korea,etc) some people prefer dimples on one's cheek, as a sign of attractiveness.
What exactly are dimples? Why do some people get it while others don't? And are they genetic? Neither one of my parents have them, but I have one. Also, what do you guys think of
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Dimples may be genetically inherited and have been known to be a dominant trait. They may also be caused by variations in the structure of the facial muscle known ...
Dimples are not a birth defect but rather a dominant genetic trait passed from parent to child. Dimples are caused by a variation of the structure of the zygomaticus ...
Dimples are a dominant genetic trait. They are inherited from one generation to another. A single dimple on only one side of the face is more rare than having ...
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