Are Dolphins Dangerous?


Dolphins may be dangerous to animals such as porpoise but not to humans as they are not carnivores or temperamental. Dolphins though are higher animals that have an innate sense of self preservation so they might turn aggressive if they feel threatened.
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Some large sharks, who view dolphins as prey, may be stalking pods of dolphins. These sharks may become interested in attacking a slower-moving human. Boats cannot always easily see
In 2006, the Yangtze River dolphin was considered extinct as no specimens were
‎"Scott Randleston of the Dolphin Research Institute of Boca Raton, has been studying dolphin behavior for 17 years, and came up with the decoy program. “In every case
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Bottle nosed dolphins are in danger largely because of dumping of chemical and other waste into oceans where they live. This means that many dolphin populations ...
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