Are Dolphins Mammals or Fish?


Dolphins are mammals as they are warm-blooded. They also suckle their young and breathe air using lungs. Dolphins also give birth to live young and do not lay eggs. They also have tiny amount of hair, right around the blowhole.
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Dolphins are mammals.
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Because dolphins can't breathe underwater they can hold their breath, fish can breathe underwater.
Dolphins are considered mammals because they breathe air, are warm blooded, and give birth to live young. This is unlike fish who breathe oxygen through the water and normally lay
There are different types of animals-cold-blooded and warm-blooded. All mammals are warm-blooded. Dolphins are mammals because they are warm-blooded. Another feature of dolphin anatomy
They breathe air, have hair (it falls off early in life) are warmblooded, they have a womb (live birth) and they feed their young with milk. In fact, the word dolphin comes from a
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Whales and dolphines are mammals because they are endothermic (commonly called warm-blooded). Their body temperature is about the same as ours, even though they ...
A dolphin is a marine mammal that looks like a big fish or shark. However, it's not a fish - it is a mammal. Dolphins are very friendly and love human contact. ...
Dolphins are grouped as mammals and not fish. Fish are cold-blooded vertebrate animals that live in water while mammals are warm-blooded vertebrate animals which ...
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