Are Duraflame Logs Safe?


Dura flame logs are safe and are suitable for use in all kinds of traditional open hearth fireplaces. However, Dura flame fire logs must not be burned in wood stove fireplace inserts or wood stoves.
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1. Pour water over the Duraflame log in a slow, controlled manner. This helps reduce the risk of splashing ash or scattering sparks or burning material. Saturate the entire log from
This Duraglame log is made of recycled biomass, plant waxes & oils. !
Sorry, I don't know the answer to either of those questions, but I burn natural wood because the smells and sounds and sights are more like a real fire. Duraflames are boring.
This largely depends on the solution provider (or whether there is one). Some hotels, especially budget ones, simply take an old PC from their accounting department, stick it in the
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A duraflame log is made of organic, plant-based wax as well as recycled wood saw dust and agricultural biomass. The Duraflame Company removes the petroleum-based ...
Duraflame Logs are designed to burn for four hours or more, and the manufacturer recommends burning the Logs for the entire time. In case of emergency, you can ...
Duraflame Logs burn because of the amount of chemicals inside of the log. These chemicals don't completely break down and you may end up ingesting poisonous chemicals ...
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