Are English bulldogs born with tails?


English bulldogs are born with naturally occurring short and curly tails. Their coats are short, flat and smooth and exhibit a range in color from red, cream and white to a brindle mix that appears in uneven stripes or waves.

An English bulldog's face is wide as is his body. The characteristic facial creases require bi-monthly cleaning. English bulldogs, despite their rather dour expression, are easy-going and friendly. A typical, full-grown male weighs an average of 50 pounds, and females weigh about 45 pounds. They do not require a great deal of physical exercise, which makes them a perfect pet for apartment and urban residents.

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I believe it is the English Bulldog.
An English Bulldog's tail is called the stern. Their tails
English bulldogs sometimes tend to be genetic nightmares. They tend to have problems in the folds of their face, between the toes, ears, and tail. The skin is "bunched"
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