Are female ginger cats rare?


Male ginger cats outnumber females by about three to one, according to Focus. This coloration is a sex-linked trait found on the X chromosome. The University of Miami Department of Biology states that this gene has two versions, or alleles: orange or black. Orange is typically dominant over black.

Male cats have both X and Y sex chromosomes. Because the dominant ginger color is carried on the X chromosome, any male cat that inherits that version of the gene is orange, UM indicates.

However, females have a more complicated pattern for inheritance, according to UM. While the cat is still an embryo, one of the X chromosomes is always inactivated in each of her cells. Therefore, only the genes on the other X chromosome are expressed. If a female cat gets a ginger allele from both parents, she is ginger-colored. If she gets one orange and one black allele, some of her cells have inactivated orange alleles, while others have inactivated black alleles. Therefore, she is a patchwork of orange and black, sometimes known as tortoiseshell.

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it is down to genetics. the ginger gene is normally carried on the male chromosome as it is a male dominant gene ( Y ) as males are XY Females are XX. when a female is ginger, it
i live on a farm and i have plenty of ginger females...well..thats all the ginger cats we own are...female...which might explain why we have so many ginger cats and other cats...(
Male torties are rare because genetically, it's nearly impossible to be presented with a male this color. Since it is so incredibly rare, they are valuable. Anything rare/uncommon
Orange female cats are rare, but not impossible to find. Orange males are
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