Are fleas dangerous to humans?


Fleas are not generally dangerous to humans, although they can be troublesome. Most flea bites require minimal treatment with a mild cortisone cream or an antibiotic ointment. Infestations are a concern, however, and can cause prolonged discomfort, respiratory trouble and other symptoms.

In the absence of an allergy, a single flea bite will probably not cause lasting distress. Flea bites usually appear as small red dots, bumps or bubbles and are often found around the ankle area. Usually, the fleas responsible for human bites come from dogs, cats and other small animals. Multiple flea bites may require treatment with an antihistamine or corticosteroid cream. If symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as extensive redness, severe itching or shortness of breath occur, medical attention should be sought as soon as possible.

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Fleas are annoying to dogs and probably more annoying to humans. They affect us by getting into our carpets and our pets. They bite humans and leave itchy bumps on our skin. They're
Fleas will bite humans that are handling an infested animal but will not lay eggs on
1. Start flea treatment by killing the adult fleas that are most likely living on and attacking the host pet. Give your pet a flea bath or flea dip. You can also treat your pet with
itching little bites that are so annoying. if you dont tell anyone your house has fleas than you should be good but try to get rid of them.
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