Are Foxes Related to Cats?


Foxes are species of omnivorous mammals in the Canidae family which consists of dogs, jackals and wolves. They are related to cats in the sense that they are all mammals. Cats belong to the Felidae family.
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well a red fox is in the dog family and a cat is in the cat family.
I've heard dogs were crucial to our development, without which we may not have advanced beyond basic tool wielding. There is supposedly multiple instances of million year old evidence
Foxes are related to dogs, wolves, coyotes, and jackals. All belong to the family Canidae
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A fox is a small mammal distantly related to coyotes and dogs. The fox, however, is not a dog, and cannot breed with a dog. They belong to the same biological ...
A fox is an alert carnivorous mammal with pointed ears and a bushy tail, which is related to all members of the dog or canidae family such as dogs and wolves. ...
Yes, a fox would attack a cat. A fox and a cat are known to ignore each other but there have been cases of cats being killed by foxes. However, it depends on the ...
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