Are Ghosts Harmful?


Ghosts try to get attention not to harm. They try to give clues that they exist in the hopes that they might be noticed and to be helped to escape their limbo state. Often, they will attempt to reveal or replay the events that trapped them.
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Hematite is often used for protection. But crystals and rocks will not harm a ghost.
Evil spirits are the most harmful ghosts. Reportedly they disguise themselves as
Ask god to be with u. If u pray and believe in he will be by urside with u forever. If u put ur trust in him, he'll never let u down. Just ask god to come into ur life. God with never
Ghosts or Spirits as we know them are just spirits from another past time when they were alive. They mean us no Harm, [ They think they are still alive ] Simple tell them to go towrds
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It is quite debatable weather ghosts exist or not but those who believe on their existence also believe that they can harm you. Cases of spiritual beings such ...
There has been little evidence that ghosts can actually cause bodily harm despite some portrayal in movies that ghosts can be dangerous. There have however been ...
Some paranormal investigators find themselves experiencing physical harm, such as scratches or injuries from being pushed by unseen forces. Amateur ghost hunters ...
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