Are guinea pigs nocturnal?


Guinea pigs are not nocturnal animals. Their schedules consist of alternating periods of activity and sleep that occur during the day and night, although their activity level is slightly more increased at dawn and dusk.

During periods of activity, guinea pigs eat a diet consisting of grass, hay and pellets of their own feces to reabsorb necessary nutrients. They are social creatures and bond closely with each other. Guinea pigs are also easily excitable and prone to hopping repeatedly in the air. This behavior is called popcorning. Domestic guinea pigs are a separate species from the ones that exist in the wild. The lifespan of a domestic guinea pig averages four to six years.

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Guinea pigs are considered to be crepuscular. They have random periods of activity and rest throughtout the day and night, but are most active during dawn and dusk.
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