Are Hamster Bites Dangerous to People?


Hamsters do bite humans but their bites are not dangerous to people. If you are allergic to them then you might just get some negative reactions due to their saliva. They merely bite to protect themselves from being mishandled or when they smell food and other animals. Sometimes when you wake them suddenly from sleep they may bite you.
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Not dangerous. If the skin breaks just clean it with soap and water.
Like alot of creatures, hamsters tend to bite when they feel threatened because it is one of their only forms of protection. If they are biting their cages, it could just be boredom
1. Allow your new hamster to settle in for a few days before handling it. It needs time to adapt to its new environment before it will feel secure enough for people to handle it.
1. Let your hamster get used to its new surroundings. Pet experts recommend that the first three days you don't touch the hamster. 2. When you move your hand in its cage with your
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