Are Happy Meal Toys Worth Any Money?


Happy meal toys may have money value but this depends on the type and collection of the happy meal toy. In the 1990s there was a huge surge in movie tie-ins for McDonald's Happy Meals.These collections featured five to eight toys, and are still collector's items today.
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1. Purchase happy meal items from McDonald's. Included in each happy meal is a small toy usually suitable for children ages 3 and up. 2. Keep your Happy Meal toys in their original
It depends. They have a different toy about every week. They have a toy for girl and boy.
Madagascar 2 toys are being featured at McDonalds through December 4th in
I don't know that there are pricing guides for just McDonalds. so you might have to search for pricing guides for Fast Food and Cereal Premiums. One thing to consider is the actual
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Happy meal toys are worth some money but their prices fluctuate depending on where they are sold. You can figure their worth by tracking the sale of similar items on ebay. You can also go to a McDonald's Collectibles convention where they will have your collection valued.
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