Are Hazel Eyes Green or Brown?


Hazel eyes basically have more melanin as compared to green eyes however less than brown eyes. There are many ways to get this intensity of melanin genetically. It might be that hazel eyes are a result of genes dissimilar from gey and bey2.
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Brown eyes with flecks of green.
They are hazel. Because I do see some brown in them in the center and there is more green though. And hazel eyes DON'T have grey in them! Source(s) :
Eye color meaning-People with blue eyes have the longest
Pink and green are great colors for hazel eyes. They make your eyes really pop and look more green any any other color. This is a simple technique to make them look a more green instead
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Hazel Eyes are a green brown mixed. The green sometimes is in the middle and the brown outlines or even opsite. The people who have hazel eyes you may know are ...
The colour of hazel eyes range from brown to green with golden brown being predominant. They are due to a combination of Rayleigh scattering and a moderate amount ...
Well, hazel is the color of my eyes of course! Hazel eyes tend to change slightly in color from day to day. They consist mostly of the colors brown and green. ...
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