Are holly berries poisonous to dogs?


Holly berries are poisonous to dogs, according to the ASPCA. The holly plant is also poisonous to horses and cats.

Holly is also known as American Holly, Inkberry, English Holly, European Holly, Oregon Holly and Winterberry. The berries and leaves have low toxicity but can cause a dog to be ill.

Those who have not seen a dog ingest holly berries, but suspect that it did, should look out for certain signs of poisoning. If the dog appears to be depressed, has vomited and/or has diarrhea, it may have be poisoned from eating holly berries. It is important to contact ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center right away or the local veterinarian's office.

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A handful of holly berries might be enough to make a small child quite sick. Hollies are handsome trees (and one of my favorites) but maybe this planting could wait a few years?
Holly berries are poisonous, but the dose makes the poison. One berry may not be enough to be dangerous - but I wouldn't bet my child's life on it. Take the child to the ER.
Holly berry poisoning is actually quite rare. The leaves are rarely ingested as they are prickly, which in turn usually discourages people and pets to avoid the berries. Both the
Hello again, I have dealt with this situation a few times in the past face to face with clients at my clinic and while there are no guarantees I think it unlikely that any symptoms
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