Are Horses Ruminants?


Horses are ungulates (hoofed mammals) unlike cattle that are ruminants with several stomachs; horses have only one stomach and do not chew the cud. Ruminants are characterized by their 'four' stomachs and 'cud-chewing' behaviour.
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Horses are not related to the even toed ruminants (or only very remotely) They developed a simple stomach and a long intestinal tract in order to process fiberous grasses and are
NOT "considered"AREN'T! NOT cattle,etc.that regurgitate cud.obviously.
The have long intestines, bacteria that digest cellulose, etc:
The horse has the lacertus fibrosus. It connects the biceps brachii to the extensor carpi radialis muscle. This structure is part of the stay apparatus of the thoracic limb.
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Horses don't chew cud because they have only one stomach unlike cattle that are ruminants. The horse's gastrointestinal tract differs from that of cattle that ...
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