Are Hot Showers Bad for You?


Hot showers are particularly bad for your skin if taken for extended periods of time. This is because the hot water damages the stratum corneum, which helps keratinocytes retain the skin's moisture.
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1. Frame the bathroom shower stall using plywood and 2x4 wood. Put in a shower pan drain floor. Directions for this will be in your blueprints. 2. Rent or purchase a hot tar apparatus
Hot showers can burst capillaries in your skin and cause you to be red and blotchy.
Could be water-heater problems or faulty valve.
You can take a hot shower just not so hot that it raises your body temperature. I'm 38 weeks with #2 and have taken hot showers and baths with both and neither baby have anything
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No, hot water is not bad for your skin, but after a very hot shower or bath be sure to moisturize. Hot water is great for relaxing stiff sore muscles, but it ...
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