Are Humans Mammals?


Human beings are indeed categorised under mammals. Mammals are warm-blooded animals, have hair, and feed their young with milk. Humans are mammals of the primate order and they form multifaceted social formations composed of numerous cooperating and competing groups.
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Yes. Mammals have hair, they also give birth to their young alive insted of laying eggs and lastly, mammals feed their young with milk.
Gargalesis, a tickle-laughter response seen after exerting heavy pressure and vibration to sensitive areas like armpits, feet or stomach, has been shown to exist in primates (like
Mammals have two lungs on either side of the heart located near the backbone. The lungs have a spongy texture and are protected within the rib cage. The main function of the lungs
Humans are the deadliest, but if you're excluding them, the most da...
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