Are Hydrangea Deer Resistant?


Yes, hydrangeas are known to be deer resistant.  They are one of the only plants known to keep deer away.  However, no plant is known as completely deer resistant.
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1. Place a deer fence around the hydrangeas. Deer fences are designed to keep deer away from areas and objects. A deer fence is the most effective way to make the hydrangeas deer-resistant
There really is no way to outsmart deer. If they get hungry enough they will eat anything or almost anything. Instead of trying to defeat them join them. I currently live in Texas
Here is some examples: Lavender for Hedges, Achillea & Allium Collection,
The spiniest cactus and thornbush varieties are the most deer-resistant plants. Any plant a human can eat, a deer could enjoy, although the deer might find it difficult to deal with
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Is Hydrangea Deer Resistant?
When it comes to plants that are truly deer resistant, the list is very short, and hydrangeas are excluded from it. For a hungry deer, nearly any plant or shrub will suffice, but researchers have found that certain species of hydrangea come in high on... More »
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Yes, deer eat hydrangea. If want to keep your hydrangea rather than planting deer-resistant plants you can try making an environmentally friendly repellent to ...
Yes, Day-lilies are deer resistant. Other plants that are deer resistant are dill, delphinium and dusty miller. ...
Petunias are not deer resistant plants. Petunias are a good source of food for the deer since they are moist. ...
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