Are Insects Animals?


Insects are a class of invertebrates within the arthropod phylum. They are amongst the most diverse class of groups of animals. Insects have a three-part body and three pairs of legs. Adult insects may walk, fly or swim. Insects are seen by humans as pests. They are known to destroy crops, fruits, and leaves. Insects have a high protein content. In some countries, insects are a part of a normal diet. Their life cycle can vary from one day to a few years.
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All eukaryotic lifeform (i.e. not bacteria or archaea) are grouped into four kingdoms: Plants, Animals, Fungi and Protists. A plant is a truly multicellular organism with cell walls
Bees probably account for more flower pollination than any other insect. According to Montana State University, bees are especially efficient at penetrating flowers that are harder
Insects make up about 80% of all animals. They live in virtually every corner of
Insects often form symbiotic relationships with one another. Ants farm and protect aphids. Certain caterpillars make a sound to attract ants for protection in return for secreting
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Insects are animals due to the fact that they are classified under the kingdom animalia. The insects are a part of a bigger animal group referred to as arthropods. They are characterised by three body parts as well as six legs.
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Insects are considered animals because they share basic qualities of all animals in the animal kingdom. There are 5 other kingdoms in biological classification ...
An animal that consumes only insects is also known as a 'insectivore'. Shrews, hedgehogs, and moles are three animals that are a prime example ...
The differences between a bug and an insect is that a bug is a type of insect, while an insect is a small animal with six legs and one or two pairs of wings. Examples ...
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