Are Iranian women beautiful?


Using beauty pageant presence on a global scale as a benchmark, Iranian women are as beautiful as other women around the world. It is important to remember, though, that beauty is very much subjective. It is also often cultural.

Though Iran has traditionally shunned ideas of western beauty in regard to women, a Miss Iran pageant was founded in 2012. The pageant's website says that the purpose of the pageant is to choose an Iranian delegate to the Miss World pageant. Also, a Canadian of Iranian heritage won the Miss Universe Canada pageant in 2012. Prior to her win, she had been the runner up in 2008. Although the presence of Iranian women on the world pageant stage is growing, external beauty is highly subjective. What one person may find beautiful, another may find unappealing. Genes also play a major role in beauty. Certain genes create human features that the majority of the population find more appealing than others. Research suggests, for example, that most of the world's population prefers more symmetrical features. Those with less symmetry in their features score lower in past research studies conducted to determine whether there is a universal consensus of what features constitute beauty.

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The Iranian race is Aryan. The Aryans are so beautiful. I'm an Iranian man and confirm your idea. Most of Iranian women have beautiful eyes, nice flowing hair and nice curvy bodies.
because God created us so beautiful.
I think in general Asian people have "finer" physical appearances, i.e. our nose, eyes, hairs, voice, even body etc on average look slimmer, lighter and more "delicate
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