Is the jade plant poisonous to humans and animals?


The jade plant is poisonous to dogs and cats and marginally toxic to humans. For humans, the jade plant is considered to be minor in toxicity. If eaten, it may cause diarrhea or an upset stomach.

If it is suspected that a child or adult has ingested jade, call the local poison control center.

If a pet accidentally ingests any part of this plant, seek medical attention from a veterinarian or emergency animal hospital immediately. Animals may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, acting lethargic, loss of appetite, slow heart rate and a lack of muscle coordination.

This plant has thick branches of shiny, short leaves that are deep green or yellow-green in color. It is also known as the Chinese rubber plant, baby jade, money tree and Japanese rubber plant.

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Is a Jade Plant Poisonous?
Crassula argentea, the scientific name for the jade plant, is a member of the Crassulaceae family. A succulent, South African desert plant known to exhibit drought-survival strategies through unique photosynthesis, the jade plant is only marginally toxic... More »
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If your jade plant is losing leaves, the cause may be overwatering. A jade plant is a succulent, so it doesn't need watering as often as many other house plants. ...
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