Are Jellied Eels Good for You?


Jellied eels are good for health as they boost the immune system and are not also very oily. Jellied eels are a traditional dish that originated from the English in the 18th century. This dish consists of chopped eels that are boiled in a spiced stock then allowed to cool and set, therefore forming a jelly.
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The jelly comes from the eel which is a naturally gelatinous fish. After cooking and during the cooling process the jelly naturally forms.
with jelly mix silly! :P.
Jellied eels are eels cooked for approximately half an hour and allowed to cool. The juices then solidify forming the jelly. East End of London delicacy
900g (2lb) Eels 600ml (1 pint) Fish Stock 1 Onion 1 Carrot 1 stick Celery 15g (½ oz) Gelatine ½ Lemon 1 Bouquet Garni Fresh Herbs Grated nutmeg Place the eels skin side
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Jellied eels are a dish made of chopped eels which are boiled in a stock, usually spiced, and that are allowed to cool thus forming a jelly. The eels are eaten ...
Jellied eels is a traditional English dish. It is made using freshwater eels. Normally, they are cut into circles and then boiled in water and vinegar that has ...
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