Are Kidney Stones Dangerous?


Kidney stones are dangerous as they can cause permanent damage to the kidneys by reducing the kidney's ability to filter. They cause bleeding and pain within the urinary tract. Doctors can break up kidney stones using ultrasound.
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Some kidney stones pass on their own; however, the danger from kidney stones is their unpredictability and damage potential. A stone lodged in one of the main urinary tracts can block
If a stone stays inside 1 of your kidneys, it usually doesn't cause a
What causes kidney stones? Kidney stones can develop for a variety of reasons. Generally, a kidney stone is caused by an imbalance in mineral and acid levels in the urine. The excess
1 Drink fluids. The National Institute of Health recommends that a person suffering from a kidney stones should drink 2 to 3 quarts of water a day. [1] If you're feeling nauseous,
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What Are the Dangers of Kidney Stones?
According to, the number of people in the United States with kidney stones has been increasing over the past 30 years. In addition, one in 10 people will suffer a kidney stone sometime in their life.... More »
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