Are Lice Attracted to Clean or Dirty Hair?


Lice are attracted by the smell of human hair. Clean or Dirty hair is unrelated to a lice infestation. The best way to avoid getting lice is to avoid people who have lice nesting in their hair. 
Q&A Related to "Are Lice Attracted to Clean or Dirty Hair?"
Adult lice are about the size and color of a sesame seed. Lice do not spread disease and they do not cause infections or other serious health concerns. However, their bites can cause
Lice are more likely to invade someone with clean hair, as it is much
Lice aren't attracted to dirty or clean hair; they are highly contagious and take what they can get!!
That is a myth that is told to help people know that catching lice doesn't mean you're dirty. Anybody can catch lice and lice like all hair and people. It is true that getting rid
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