What Fruits & Vegetables Can My Dog Safely Eat?


Apples are high in vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid and potassium. Unpeeled apples are rich in non-pro-vitamin A carotenes and pectin. Pectin is a type of fiber shown to improve a dog's ability to push waste through the gastrointestinal tract. It is
source: www.ehow.com
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You really can't right now. There are no labeling requirements, no standards, and you can't be sure if a GM crop contaminates a non-GM crop. Embed Quote
In that case, less energy is used for transportation.
Almost all Fruits & Veggies are good for dogs, just not Grapes or Raisins, Onions, Garlic, or Avocados: Grapes cause kidney failure. Onions and Garlic cause Anemia. Avocados can
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