Are Lychees Good for You?


Lychees are good for you because they are rich in vitamin C and also supply dietary fibre. They are also high in potassium, calcium and phosphorous. Lychees originated from China where they have been grown for several thousands of years.
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Lychee is an edible fruit from the soapberry family and comes from the lychee tree. They are a strawberry red color but can be rose or pinkish or amber.
Lychee fruit is shaped like a rounded heart or oval and has a red, rough skin. The size of its pit ranged from small to so large there is hardly any flesh in the fruit, a factor that
1. Hold the lychee firmly in your hand. 2. Cut a circle around the stem with a knife. Pinch the stem off, then, holding the fruit securely,squeeze it to pop the inside fruit into
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