Are Male Calico Cats Worth a Lot of Money?


The male calico cats are worth lots of money because such species are very rare. For a cat to have the calico fur pattern, it must contain the X-chromosomes that define the female mammal. The male calicos are very sterile and carry an extra X chromosome.
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it is VERY rare to have a boy calico cat. The odds of having a male cat is 1 in a million so they would be worth a lot.
Here read this link it may give you more details. Source(s)….
Male calico cats are, biologically speaking, impossible. However, when a combination of very uncommon factors align, a calico cat might appear to be male, both anatomically and behaviorally
I am the only known male Calico currently in existence. The bids start now . . . :) +5 [ I adopted a young Calico kitten and named it a male name -- not knowing about such things
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