Are Microwaves Safe?


Microwaves are safe granted that they are used as per the manufacturers instructions. There are usually rumours that microwaves can cause cancer by making food radioactive but these have been proven false be scientific research.
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In response to these worries, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tests different types of plastics, sets standards for plastic container safety and reviews all plastic containers
It's poisonous. From Wikipedia. Melamine. (pronounced /ˈmɛləmiːn/ ( listen) is an organic base and a trimer of cyanamide, with a 1,3,5-triazine skeleton. Melamine
1 Know the potential dangers of using plastic containers and plastic wrap in the microwave. Food wrapped in plastic or placed into a plastic container can absorb chemicals from the
Items listed below are safe under normal microwave usage. Non-metallic items that are not affected by the oven's radio-frequency radiation. See Microwave Ovens: Is it safe to put
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Yes, Tupperware is usually microwave safe. Just to be sure, check to see if the container has a microwave safe mark on it. ...
Microwave safe dish is always labeled however if it is not labeled you can run a simple test on the dish in question by putting it in the microwave for thirty ...
Melamine dinnerware is not microwave safe. It is believed that the dinnerware will absorb radiation during the cooking process. ...
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