Are mums annuals or perennials?


Garden mums are tender perennials that last longer than a year, depending on when and where they are planted, according to Briggs Garden and Home. Mums are a great choice to put fall color in the garden.

Mums should always be planted in the spring or summer so that the plants have the ability to establish a good root system, according to Briggs Garden and Home. A moist and warm ground allows the mums to overwinter and to live to the next season. Pinching back a mum encourages it to branch out and create a more compact shape and size.

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The essential difference between annuals and perennials is that annuals are one-season plants, completing their life cycle with the first killing frost, whereas perennials live through
perennial if they are 'hardy'….
Perennials come back year after year; annuals are planted once and live till the winter frost and die forever.
Annuals - Plants that perform their entire life cycle within a single growing season. Perennials
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