Are Mums Annuals or Perennials?


Almost all mums that garden centers sell are perennials, but they are just treated like annuals because they require a lot of cutting back up until July 15th to get them to stay bushy and bloom in the fall. When left alone, they will get long and lengthy and bloom in early summer.
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The essential difference between annuals and perennials is that annuals are one-season plants, completing their life cycle with the first killing frost, whereas perennials live through
perennial if they are 'hardy'….
Perennials come back year after year; annuals are planted once and live till the winter frost and die forever.
Annuals - Plants that perform their entire life cycle within a single growing season. Perennials
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Yes, pelee mums are perennials. More commonly known as Chrysanthemum, some of them are annuals and biennials. Highly favored by gardeners for their flowers last ...
Begonias can be both annuals and perennials. Fibrous rooted begonia are annuals and tuberous rooted begonias are perennials. ...
Daises are both perennials and annuals. This is because there are different types of daises. Annuals complete their growth cycles in a year while perennials live ...
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