Are Nike Air Jordans Made in China?


Authentic Nike Air Jordans are in fact made in China. Cheaper knock offs are typically made in other, smaller Asian countries. To find out where they are made check the inside tag of the shoe.
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The first pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes were released in 1985. New designs have been released yearly since then, and the shoes are wildly popular and often kept as collector's items
Nike Air Jordans, as well as most of Nike's shoes, are made in China.
Well... Nike headquarters are here in Oregon but I would imagine that the shoes themselves are made in India or someplace like that. EDIT: "Indonesia, China, and most recently
Few factors: overall quality. tagged pics on the auction. price depending on the model. Basically you need to have a little bit of knowledge on models, rarity, release dates, colorways
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Most of the Jordan series of shoes by Nike are made in China. They have plants around the world and also heavily manufacture Jordans in Thailand and Indonesia. ...
Nike has locations all over the world in over 40 countries. Their headquarters are in Oregon, but shoes are not manufactured there. It is suspected that most are ...
Air Jordan 6 Rings are made by Nike and are considered to be a hybrid of the Air Jordan sneaker. These street shoes come in several different varieties, like the ...
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