Are Nitrates Good or Bad?


Nitrate is a naturally occurring form of nitrogen that is very necessary to all life. Most crop plants require large quantities to carry on high yields. Vegetables such as spinach, radishes and lettuce have very high amounts of nitrates.
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Nitrates form nitrosamines in our intestines once they are digested. However,
Nitrates are a fertilizer, so when nitrates hit a pond or stream, the plants there could overtake and drain all the oxygen out of all the plants, so the plants will die. The animals
They are linked to stomach cancer. Nitrates are found in processed meat. Water is carefully monitored to keep the levels at a safe low level. When you boil the kettle for a drink,
it would depend on where it was found. In gunpowder, it would be good or bad, depending on your thoughts about fireworks, or war. In water for drinking, it would be bad (in high levels
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Nitrates are chemical compounds which contain a polyatomic ion called nitrate. This ion is composed of one atom of nitrogen and three atoms of oxygen, together ...
Nitrate is the sale that is found in nitric acid. The chemical compound is composed of one part nitrogen and three parts oxygen. The oxygen surrounds the nitrogen ...
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