Are Old Books Worth Any Money?


Old books are worth a lot of money, either on-line or at retail stores. This, however depends on the condition of the book and the relevance of the information it contains to the buyer.
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1. Assess the condition of your comic books. Those that can be described as being in mint condition fetch the most money. If the cover or pages are discolored, creased or torn, the
probably about $60.
The best way to quickly assess value is using eBay. You can enter the title or serial number and see what CDs of similar quality are going for. You may be surprised to find that seemingly
i think you need to ask the public library/museum and let them see these books , to determine if it is really valuable. you need to save these treasures maybe there is a rare/unknown
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One's old toys are worth some money so long as they are not badly broken or weather-beaten. One can sell them at or other stores and make himself ...
Price Guides will list the comic book name and value based on the condition. Some price guides will give a range of worth for the comic. ...
The only three factors that matter are condition, scarcity and demand. Age does not play a role in the value of a book. ...
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