Are old Life magazines worth anything?


It's been reported by a collector's website ( that some old copies of Life magazine can be worth between $12 to $200 to a collector. Value depends on the year, condition, and content of the magazine.
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This is a great question. Keep in mind that value is relative. We have all heard the term '€œone persons trash is another person'€™s treasure'€. This
Life magazine was a photo-driven current events magazine that chronicled the world through a weekly tabloid-size magazine published between 1936 and 1972, and then again as a monthly
You would be lucky to get a dollar for it at a rummage sale. A complete set from a particular year might-might be worth the cover price - there are few buyers to be found.
Prices vary by collectors and exact date / covers. A 1957 Life Magazine in like
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