Are old magazines worth anything?


Old magazines are worth some money and the rarer the magazine is, the more valuable it is. Old magazines contain valuable information and this is what makes them priceless. However, the age of the magazine does not always mean that the magazine is priceless.
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Life magazine was a photo-driven current events magazine that chronicled the world through a weekly tabloid-size magazine published between 1936 and 1972, and then again as a monthly
I have actually sold old Playgirl magazines on E-bay. The editions have to be from before the 1980's, to be sold as vintage magazines. If they are any newer than that they must be
You could look for museums in Reno and ask them. You could also place an add on ebay and see what happens.
I was looking at some amazing original artwork by Joseph Christian Leyendecker that was reproduced on a. Saturday Evening Post. cover in 1926 (shown here) to be sold at a. Heritage
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