Do old pennies have value?


Old pennies have value but their value depends on factors such as their scarcity or rarity and grade or condition. The value will also depend on whether the pennies are gold coins or silver coins and also their demand.
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How much an old penny is worth depends on when the penny was minted, where it came from and its condition. In order to tell an exact value you should take it to a local coin dealer.
For the collector value with the exceptions of errors and specially made proof coins, the penny would have to be made before 1959.
1. Check the painting for dates or the painter's signature. Look near the lower right hand of the painting on older paintings or on the back of a work by a modern artist. Research
Hi Rick, The one with copy is probably a merchant token. This was a common practice for merchants to use a coin similar to a cent and advertise their business or show support for
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Old pennies have value depending on the following factors;their scarcity or rarity, condition or grade, gold coin or silver coin values and finally, their demand ...
A 1954 penny might not be worth anything since it's only from the nineteenth century. It may only be worth a penny but you can always take it to a coin dealer. ...
A 1926 penny may not be worth anything, especially with it being from that time frame. But if you fell it may be worth something then you should take it to a coin ...
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