Are Oreos bad for you?


Oreos contain high amounts of fat and sugar, as well as hydrogenated oil which is considered to be bad for a person’s health. A study also indicates that Oreo cookies may be as addictive as cocaine.

The new study at Connecticut College measured the amount of time rats spent on the side of a maze that had Oreos in it. The study was then compared to rats that were trained in a similar manner with morphine or cocaine. Rats that were given Oreos also produced a protein known as c-Fos, which is used in an area of the brain known to have associations with pleasure and addiction.

The evidence from this study shows that human brains might crave treats like Oreos that have fat and sugar in them even more than highly addictive drugs. So, not only are Oreos bad for someone’s health because of the consequences of eating too much fat and sugar with no real nutritional value, it’s also so addictive that chances are good the person may eat many more of them. Each individual Oreo has only so much fat and sugar. But eating many Oreos through the days and weeks can quickly lead to high cholesterol and heart disease.

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a lot of sugar and fat.
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