Are People Born Gay?


None is born gay, but there are some factors that may contribute to the development of an individual's homosexuality. For instance, a female dominated background in a man's past, without a male role model. Individual psychological makeup may also lead to being gay.
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Most researchers agree that sexual orientation is dictated by biology, with no demonstrated contribution from social factors such as parenting or other factors after birth.
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Pretty much the same way as everybody else, vaginally or C section. Why are some people born homosexual? Because that's the way they are supposed to be. There is some thought that
"You can't 'make' someone gay no more than you can 'make' someone straight. Of course environmental factors affect our sexuality. You just can't generalize these types of things
One theory is that many genes, potentially interacting with outside influences, explain
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There are no simple answers to the question, 'Are gays born gay?' There are however some theories that stress biological variations between heterosexual and homosexual ...
We don't fully understand what causes people to be gay. The best evidence shows that they are born that way and maybe are someone influenced by their environment ...
Psycho-social explanations give a number of factors that could lead to the development of an individual's homosexuality such as a female dominated nurture in a ...
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