Are People from India Considered Asian?


India is situated in the south part of Asia. People from this country are called Indians. Since India is part of Asia, they are also considered Asians.
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Cows are sacred in India more the milk they produce. In ancient times it was said The milk is what nurtured the people. It is a crime to hurt or kill cows.
They aren't. They are considered European.
India is a very diverse country. We have every kind of people here. If you visit metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc, you will find that people are very easy going
Filipinos can be considered Asian because the Philippines are in As...'s-...
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Indians that are from India are considered Asian. This is because India is in the continent of Asia. ...
India is a wildly diverse population. In fact, India does not even use racial classifications. There is a wide range of colors, but they are Indians first, then ...
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