Are Pigs Dirty?


Pigs are not really dirty and the reason why people think they are dirty is because they roll in the mud. They normally do this in t6he hot summer months and this helps in cooling their bodies. They are very sensitive to heat and can even suffer from sunburns and heat stroke just like a person would.
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Pigs are actually rather clean animals. There are a lot of stereotypes about them. They will actually go to the bathroom in a different corner than they live in. As for the mud, pigs
Cerdo sucio is the Spanish translation for the English words dirty pig. For more
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Pigs are generally clean creatures. However, people mistake them for being dirty because they have a habit of rolling themselves in mud. Pigs normally roll in ...
Pigs are very clean animals. There is a big misconception that pigs are murky and dirty but they are indeed clean as they will choose to live in the cleanest corners ...
Pig Pen. ...
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